Partners that dine

It isn't just the members who enjoy a lovely meal after a Lodge meeting, the partners and widows of members also meet for dinner, the difference is that we like to have a good meal with good company but without formality.

'Partners that dine' is organised by two of the member's wives and although our events are independant of the Michelham Priory Lodge we are associated with the Lodge, therefore our evenings are limited to Michelham Priory Lodge member's partners and Lodge widows only.


Would you like to join us?

We like to organise the venue to suit a wide choice of tastes and budgets and are usually held in a local pub or restuarant, but the criteria for the chosen location is one that offers good value, good food and one that can accommodate a large party.

If you know of a venue that you would like us to try and it meets our criteria, then please let us know and we will organise it. Click here to contact us.

This is a very popular social event and it's usually held on the same evening that the Lodge meets. We try to start at about 7 to 7:30pm.


Do you need help or can you offer help?

If you need help getting to a venue then please let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Conversly, if you can offer help with lifts then that would be great, the more offers the better, again, please let us know. Click here to contact us.



Click here to contact us  if you need further information, otherwise look out for an email advertising the next get together.



For data protection purposes, the 'Partners that dine' dinners are organised by two of the member's wives. Your privacy is assured and members, members partners and widows contact details are not shared with third parties.